Why should I sell my products online?

According to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index, online retail sales in Australia for 2011/12 were valued at $11.1 billion – growing by more than 15% in the last 12 months. This figure is expected to reach over $27 billion by 2015.

Choosing eTailme as your online retail partner can place your products in front of millions of potential customers who ordinarily wouldn’t travel to your stores. We’ll help to establish your online retail presence, enhance your upsell opportunities and increase your average per-customer transaction value.

By taking advantage of the huge growth industry of online retail you can join and compete with some of the giants of the Australian retail space and dramatically increase your bottom line.

What will it cost?

The cost to your business varies depending on your offer and route to market. In the case of daily deals campaigns, the cost will generally be a percentage of the final price that the customer pays at the point of purchase.

However, the cost of engaging of our services is wholly dependent on what you are hoping to achieve for your business. Because we ensure each package is tailor made to your specific retail needs, our services – and therefore our costs – will vary on a case by case basis.

Contact us for a confidential discussion with the eTailme team of retail experts.

Which retail partner is right for my business?

There are literally hundreds of web stores, shopping channels and daily deals platforms operating in the Australian retail market, in many niche areas. Which site you choose to partner with depends on your end goal. Some sites have a huge audience of millions, whereas others are smaller but more targeted to the audience you want to attract.

The team at eTailme will help you choose the right online retail partner for your business. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.

Can you deliver our products directly to households?

Yes. We understand that many clients need support and a leveraged service for order fulfilment, stock replenishment and warehousing. Therefore we ensure a complete end-to-end full service solution that includes direct delivery to the end customer via our network of freight and distribution partners.

Can you help to increase footfall to my existing stores?

The eTailme team are retail experts with extensive experience in both on and offline retail sales channels. We’ve worked with both small independent stores and retail giants to increase store footfall within the Australian retail market.

We’ll work with you to create an effective online campaign that can often clear your excess stock or discontinued product lines and drive customers to your store(s) to collect their goods. This can often have a positive impact on ancillary sales and increase per-customer transactional values.

I'm a wholesaler or manufacturer, can you still help?

Yes, absolutely! We have assisted wholesalers and manufacturers from all Australian territories to establish an online retail presence or supply goods to the Australian marketplace. We can connect you to the right retail partners and sales channels to sell your products, strengthen your existing customer base and maximise profits.