eTailme Products

Our team of marketing specialists have decades of experience in traditional media, distribution channels and the fast growing online sector. We bring products, services and brands to the attention of a mass audience.

We understand online consumers

  • They are smart shoppers
  • They don’t engage well with traditional media
  • They shop online comfortably and are not afraid to buy from anywhere in the world

We know how to retail online. If you want to get your products in front of tech-savvy consumers, here’s how…


eTailme penetrates the online market by pushing a number of SKUs to open market platforms ie Ebay, Trademe, Amazon and / or comparison sites eg Get Price, Shopbot,

Quite simply we push strong attributed data (eg. title, description, price points and images) from your existing platform / website to these above opportunity channels.

In doing so, we drive your online sales, maintain brand equity, manage inventory and achieve higher retail price points.

Inventory management

We integrate an inventory management system to your current platform. This facilitates the movement, stock levels and processes to ensure your products and services are always accounted for.

eTailme provide 3rd Party Logistics including full end to end solutions.

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